Our paper on the importance of including response time in constraining models of context effects was just accepted at Decision! Using the Multiattribute Linear Ballistic Accumulator model (MLBA; Trueblood et al., 2014) as a case study, we demonstrated the advantages of including response time, rather than just choice data, when fitting the model to data. Based on parameter recovery using both a likelihood-based (DE-MCMC) and likelihood-free (PDA) method, and fitting both simulated and real perceptual data, we concluded that response time provides an important constraint to models of context effects.

  • *Molloy, M. F., *Galdo, M., Bahg, G., Liu, Q., and Turner, B. M. (in press). What’s in a Response Time?: On the Importance of Response Time Measures in Constraining Models of Context Effects. In press at Decision. *Equal contribution.

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