Paper published on the importance of including response time

Our paper on the importance of including response time in constraining models of context effects was just accepted at Decision! Using the Multiattribute Linear Ballistic Accumulator model (MLBA; Trueblood et al., 2014) as a case study, we demonstrated the advantages of including response time, rather than just choice data, when fitting the model to data. Based on parameter recovery using both a likelihood-based (DE-MCMC) and likelihood-free (PDA) method, and fitting both simulated and real perceptual data, we concluded that response time provides an important constraint to models of context effects.

  • *Molloy, M. F., *Galdo, M., Bahg, G., Liu, Q., and Turner, B. M. (in press). What’s in a Response Time?: On the Importance of Response Time Measures in Constraining Models of Context Effects. In press at Decision. *Equal contribution.